My Grandfather Story

Only One Mutton Soup (OOMS) is from a traditional family recipe from the province of Hainan, made with only the freshest ingredients. This delicious and hearty stew is prepared from generous cuts of fresh goat's meat and slowly simmered with a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, creating tender and succulent mutton that melts in your mouth, with no gaminess. Which is why we offer only limited portions for pre-order daily, to ensure that each bowl is cooked to perfection.

This home-made broth is not only hearty but nourishing as well! Packed with nutrients, a bowl of OOMS offers these amazing health benefits;

• High antioxidants
• Improved liver health
• Regulates your blood sugar
• Rich in manganese that promotes bone health

July 2024
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One person serving - $15

Optional Rice - $1